Made in Tuscany: a guide for your 100% Made in Tuscany shopping and holiday. In the guide you find only authentic Made in Tuscany products and a list of all the typical accommodation facilities in Tuscany.

A simple and indispensable app for those who want to discover the most true and authentic Tuscany. An app dedicated to those who want to buy original hand-crafted articles made in Tuscany, those who want to purchase typical products of Tuscany directly from producers and those who want to sleep in typical and old farmhouses.

An app which signals the companies and the accommodation facilities closer to you and the ones you will come across during your journey, a guide to orient your shopping in Tuscany, while looking for the most original and authentic products.

Every company and the accommodation facilities are briefly described, by a photogallery and a map to explain to you how to reach them exactly from where you are.

Continuous update will implement your app categories

Your research will be easier thanks to a menu split into six categories:

  • wine & food
  • art & design
  • home accessories
  • fashion
  • jewels
  • hospitality